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I Love Leftovers!

Growing up in such a large family, and my mother cooking in mass quantities, there was usually a left over or two. At the end of the evening, everyone is unwinding. The kitchen all clean and quiet following the craziness which happened only hours earlier. The lights now dim, as if to signify “kitchen closed”.… Continue reading I Love Leftovers!

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I Love Salads!

I love salads. I grew up eating lots and lots of salads. Every single day with dinner, we had salad. Usually a tossed greens salad. My mother had this huge wooden salad bowl. She lovingly cared for it daily. Oiling it, rubbing garlic into it. It was certainly one of the mainstays of the kitchen.… Continue reading I Love Salads!

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Family Day Recipes Continued

Family Days were always a fun event at my parents house, and always revolved around the food. Carrying on the family tradition, I will not disappoint for this combination Family Day/Super Bowl Sunday event. I don’t know about you, but if my mom wanted to feed a crowd easily, it usually involved sandwiches. Whether they… Continue reading Family Day Recipes Continued

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Muffaletta success!

I’m Back! Just as promised. I bet you thought I took a spill the other day while feeding…(refer to previous post). Nope, I managed to stay upright, but as I said, it was glare ice outside. I Moved slow, and made it….sigh of relief. I Managed to actually feed the crew some hay outside. It’s… Continue reading Muffaletta success!

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OK world, here we go…..

There are hundreds, thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of food blogs out there. What makes mine so special? Well first of all, there is no one like me in the whole wide world (as told to me by my father) and second, I am Ruthie’s daughter, and in our family there is only… Continue reading OK world, here we go…..