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Eggs, Glorious Eggs!

Lesson 3 – EGGS! Yes! I love eggs! I love them so much that I eat them every day. Sometimes several times in a day. Just the sight of them makes me happy. You have to admit, they are kind of a happy looking with all that yellow. My mother also loved eggs. Eggs were… Continue reading Eggs, Glorious Eggs!

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It’s All About That Stock, ‘Bout That Stock, No Boxes..

I just can’t tell you how weird/strange/odd it feels to literally be living and following, almost exactly in my mother’s footsteps. I mean, I’ve heard the saying… “As we age we become more and more like our parents”, but this is crazy. As I was entering adulthood my mother was advancing in her culinary journey.… Continue reading It’s All About That Stock, ‘Bout That Stock, No Boxes..

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And….School Is In Session

Today’s word is Immerse (which is now actually yesterday’s word when I started writing) This word is perfect for this post. Let me explain. When I log in to my WordPress account, the daily reader is the first thing I see. It is a list of other member’s blog posts, and as a way to… Continue reading And….School Is In Session

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Oh là là – Going French

Sometimes the parallel between my mother and myself simply amazes me. How did we each find our similar path and passion for cooking at the same times in our lives? Why are we drawn to the same foods and style of cooking? Is it simply from growing up with her as my example, or is… Continue reading Oh là là – Going French

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“You Are Special”

As a child, one of the biggest events to hit the household was when it was someone’s birthday. This usually meant a special dinner, followed by a homemade cake and the family singing the birthday song. Back then birthdays were a family affair. Not like the present day birthday parties that usually end up breaking… Continue reading “You Are Special”