I will not go to the store….

I will not go to the store, I will not go to the store, I will not go to the store.

Dang it! I have to go to the store.

I try so hard to make sure I have everything I need in an effort to spend less time in stores, and it never fails, I continue to spend 3/4 of my life in stores.

I made the gruesome discovery a day ago. I’m down to my last onion. Upon making the discovery, I began frantically searching through the house, clearly I must have another bag somewhere? How the heck did this happen? I mean, I have three jars of peanut butter (which I don’t even eat) ten packages of spaghetti, five boxes of stock, four dozen eggs, eight cans of refried beans and six avocados. Really? How did this happen? I thought I was ahead of the game this week.

Oh yeah, I remember. A few weeks back I over bought onions. Yeah, that makes sense. The confusing part is my decision making process while shopping. I remember grabbing potatoes and stopping at the onions and at THAT moment decided to be “strict” with myself. I say (in my head) “No, don’t pick up another bag of onions, remember what happened the last time?” I was so proud of myself that I talked myself out of THAT purchase, not the pretzels, or the other senseless purchases I could live without, I chose to deny myself onions.  Criminy.

Criminy (Cry-min-ee), is a word that comes to my head often. It was a word that was usually muttered out of my mother’s mouth daily (7 kids remember?). It was a word that was used when one was frustrated, angry, disgusted, yup, this word covered a lot of bases. In my opinion, It is really jut a safe way of saying “G** Da** It” in front of kids. But, it was no where near as bad as hearing the words “I’m so angry I could spit!” That’s when you knew you needed to go play outside…..for a long time.

Out of all the ways I parallel my mom, why can’t my efficiency in shopping be one of them?  I try and make lists. I mean, I have a phone named “The Note” for heaven’s sake. I do try, really. Oh well, I guess it’s off to the store today.

So, while I am going through my morning ritual of grinding coffee, listening to the radio, and washing up pots and pans (my therapy) I am mentally preparing my day.

I tell myself I need to get my act together, because now I just threw shopping into the mix. First things first, get outside and feed the crew of animals. I’m going to have to be creative as it was a sopping wet, rainy, mess yesterday and it is 15 degrees this morning, so imagine horses skating. Yup, I will be feeding in the arena today. I’ll still have to skate along side them to clean up, I pray I stay upright. Ha! who am I kidding? Note to self….plan on falling……more than once.

After shower and after laundry, get to the store. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED. I repeat, ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED. Do not LOOK at ANYTHING, or it will turn into an hour long trip. But, then I start to think, well, I will be meeting the ladies later downtown (So excited! We are looking at venues for my daughters wedding) and I’m thinking, some people are coming right from work. They will be hungry, and, staying in true “Ruthie” form, I think I should bring something for people to eat, and well, probably a bottle of wine.  So, the shopping list is growing. I’m thinking Muffaletta.

Well, it’s light enough to get outside and work….I’ll be back.


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