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It’s All About That Stock, ‘Bout That Stock, No Boxes..

I just can’t tell you how weird/strange/odd it feels to literally be living and following, almost exactly in my mother’s footsteps. I mean, I’ve heard the saying… “As we age we become more and more like our parents”, but this is crazy. As I was entering adulthood my mother was advancing in her culinary journey.… Continue reading It’s All About That Stock, ‘Bout That Stock, No Boxes..

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And….School Is In Session

Today’s word is Immerse (which is now actually yesterday’s word when I started writing) This word is perfect for this post. Let me explain. When I log in to my WordPress account, the daily reader is the first thing I see. It is a list of other member’s blog posts, and as a way to… Continue reading And….School Is In Session